2021 Events:

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

July 3 & 4 : Châtel en Fête

June 25 to July 5: La Rochelle International Film Festival

July 10 to 14: Francofolies Festival

August 1: Boucholeurs festival

August 7 to 19: Festival Mix Mondial

August 28 to September 5: La Rochelle Exhibition Fair

September 15 to 19 : Festival of Fiction

September 28 to October 3 : Grand Pavois de La Rochelle

November 15 to November 21, 2021: International Film and Adventure Book Festival

November 28 : La Rochelle Marathon

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.




A week end in La Rochelle 

Here are the incontournables on a Week end at La Rochelle:
- The 19th century old town market on Saturday mornings and the Pallice market on Sunday mornings, the weekend rochelais!
- Visit of the Three Medieval Towers of the Rochelle (€9 per pass- free for those under 25 years of age)
- Aquarium: 2 hours of visit in the heart of the Ocean. One of the most beautiful in France.
- 1 hour walk or 3 hour walk in the historical center proposed in the small book "La Rochelle Passion" available in our B&B.To discover: the most beautiful buildings of the city and explanations about the history of our beautiful city... in all freedom and autonomy.
- Have a drink on one of the terraces of the Old Port, facing the 2 Towers; of course!

La Rochelle in family  

Our city has much to offer families. The aquarium remains the flagship visit for children.But other sites are worth visiting! The museum of automatons and reduced models will delight the little ones but also the big ones who will find their children’s souls. Also take advantage of your stay to book a sea trip around Fort Boyard and a stopover on the island of Aix to enjoy the coves and a picturesque village.
For the older ones, the visit of the Hermione will allow them to imagine the life of the gabiers - sailors on an old rigging of the time, to make them dream of adventures for a long time!
For the most connected, discover the online game Terra Aventura that will allow you to discover the city while having fun. A good idea to captivate children ... and parents!

Our favorite visits : 

There's nothing like the professionalism and the knowledge of the guides of the region, here is a selection of visits which Aude tested for you: 

- The Night round: a stroll from 2 hours to evening. Follow the steps of a guard of the city who will make you relive the history of the city via unusual places and for some closed to the public. An inescapable trail round dressed up, theatrical and trivial, to be reserved before your stay. 

- The visit of the Fishmarket, in summer, every Thursday at 5 am in the morning:-(((!! Plan pullovers, it is really cold inside! A visit at the heart of a local economy which deserves of bend.


- On the roads of Quebec. A tour of the history of the new France created by Samuel Champlain, our local explorer. A shared history told and guided in the streets of La Rochelle.

- An unusual and changing visit: The Segway Mobilboard gyropod ride, proposed by Valérie & Thomas. Don’t rely on appearances, the operation of this machine is very easy and within reach of all! Aude tested it with other Owners of B&B, they were all delighted with the ride.

Bikes and Foot ride : 

Aude obtained hiking maps of La Rochelle coast, Île de Ré and Poitevin Marsh. The hiking paths are well marked and easy level because the region is flat, the horizon as far as the view... There are great walks to do on the coast but also in the countryside with uncovered trails.
From a very young age, Aude has travelled the bicycle paths of her city, and she will be able to show you the trails according to your level and your cravings of the day.

Holidays in La Rochelle : 

You can spend a week in La Rochelle without getting bored! Here are some of the key sites in the territory:

- the Historic centre of La Rochelle, its alleys, medieval towers, atmosphere, bars and restaurants;
- The island of Ré, for its natural beauty, its typical small villages, its beaches, its oysters, its salt and its bicycle paths.
- Fort Boyard and the island of Aix, accessible only by boat, from the Old Port of La Rochelle;
- Châtelaillon-Plage, the seaside town of the 1900s; for its 3km beach, atypical villas and family atmosphere;
- Rochefort, maritime arsenal, cradle of the Hermione, town of Pierre Loti, spa ... 
- Le Marais Poitevin, called La Venise Verte. Nature reserve classified 40 min from La Rochelle towards Niort. A beautiful green stage on the boat in the silence of nature!

Outside the main road : 

For those who wish to discover our territory other than on the major tourist routes, here are some nice discoveries:

- Visit of the foreshore; Saphia invites you to discover the coastline of the island of Re. A really exciting approach, for Aude, the best tour of the coast to understand the ocean and all that it brings.
- L'Houmeau, Lauzières, Marsilly and Esnandes: the north coast of the Rochelle is to be discovered by bike or on foot. Wild, steep and gourmet thanks to its good addresses of seafood restaurants, it is the PLACE to take a big bowl of iodized and invigorating air. 

- Visit the castles of the region: La Roche Courbon, Crazannes, Buzay ... To plunge back into history and explore the reborn gardens.
- South coast: Les Boucholeurs: a small village of oyster that has kept all its charm of yesteryear. Feast of the Mussel beginning August.
- The promenade des carrelets, from the bay of Yves to Fouras les Bains: On the cliff the trail is now forbidden because of the erosion but in Fouras the tiled tiles are accessible and beautiful pictures are to be taken at sunset.

Move in La Rochelle 

The city wants to become the first urban and coastal territory Zero Carbone! An ambitious project that requires the mobilization of all. That is why, here are some good plans to discover the city of La Rochelle without necessarily using your car (the good news is that it is possible!).

1 ) Come by train to La Rochelle. Our house is just 20 min from the train station and 5 min by bus. Then you can travel by bus, bicycle or walk.

2 ) Starting in spring 2019, a bike rental will be offered in Terre en Vue. You can then get to the city center in two wheels and in 10 min. La Rochelle is a flat city and fully adapted to bicycles. Bike paths are highly developed and secure.

3 ) The bus. Completely redesigned since 2017, the "Yélo" bus network of La Rochelle will take you to the main sites of the city. The nearest stop to the house is 300 m. The bus Illico 1 will take you to the Old port in 7 min, to the train station in 5 min and to the airport in 40 min. Easy correspondence for the beach, the island of Ré, Châtelaillon ... Timetable: 7h à 22h en semaine et de 7h à 1h du matin le week-end. Tickets "10 pass" in sale in the B&B.

If you choose to drive to La Rochelle, I will show you the simplest car parks of our house (Old South Port and Encan), which is located 2km from the house. The remainder of the tour will be on foot as the city centre is mostly pedestrian.

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