partenaire literie.

A Charente Maritime company, Eurobedding delivered all the bedding for the guest rooms to me. These are quality products, the promise of peaceful sleep.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


La Ferme de Bellevue . They work on old varieties of wheat, engrain (spelled), rye ... A very good base for breakfasts!

Zen Cha - Partenaire de Terre en Vue.jpg

My tea seller at the Central Market: Sandrine - Zen Cha .

At each passage it is a discovery animated by this passionate with a big heart.

Savonnerie En Bullant - Partenaire de Te

Amélie created the " Savonnerie En Bullant" in 2016. It is the one with Ghassoul, grapes and lavandin that I offer in your room. It's a Body soap AND a solid shampoo!

Local & Organic - For sale at Terre en Vue

Alain Chadutaud dans ses vignes.jpg

Pineau and Cognac des Charentes! At home, I will introduce you to Pineau by Alain and Danielle Chadutaud, from Mérignac in Charente. Their pineau is fabulous thanks to their hard work on organic for over 20 years! An example to follow !

vergers de cezais.jpg

Patrice and Brigitte are from Vendée and have been taking care of the Verger de Cezais for years. They are present at the La Rochelle market and that's how I got to know them. Their apple juice is perfect for breakfast. A pure juice from their orchard cultivated in reasoned culture.

Traiteur Rutabaga - Partenaire de Terre

The latest arrival as a Partner! Véronique is an organic caterer in La Rochelle . Its goal: to make you discover new flavors full of indulgence! To discover at Terre en Vue from May to September in the form of meal boards.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

One of my greatest pleasure when I walk to the market is to be sure of finding the right products from Gilou, Violaine and Margot. They are early vegetables, not producers, but we have never been disappointed with their products. Their fruits allow me to prepare the morning delicacies for you.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Lampe originale de chambre Cook.jpg

L'atelier Particulier is a small business in Deux-Sèvres run by Christyla & Fabien. Jewelry, quirky decor and Steampunk lamps.

They brought this clock back to life and turned it into a lamp. To discover in the Cook room.

Marie Fillon Création .jpg

Marie Fillon is an Artisan and the creator of all the bedside lamps you will find in the bedrooms. According to my wish, she used the scraps of fabric from the decoration to create each of the lamps. His workshop is to be discovered in Lezay (79).